Thursday, March 17, 2011

It is on the way..

I am very excited.  I have just placed an order for one of these:

My husband cannot understand why we would buy an oven that costs as much as a recent model small car and it has taken me twelve months of gentle persuasion to convince him that we really do need an AGA.   When we did our kitchen up five years ago I decided that I wanted a big efficient modern oven, and a little one on the side rather than an AGA, the cost of which did seem a huge extra expense at the time. 

The epiphany came to me about this time last year, when filling in time before a dinner in Melbourne I passed the AGA shop, where a cooking demonstration was underway within.  Having cooked on many ancient AGAs in England and Scotland years ago, I was impressed at how much more efficient they were now and less likely to lose heat.  And heat was the thing that won me over.  It will be a pleasure indeed to have one room of the house that is always warm, and rather nice to have one less fire to set and light in the darkened hours of a winter morning.

They come in a dizzying array of colours:

but eventually I decided on this colour:

which is pewter and not unlike the stainless steel of the current oven.  Which I might add, I have managed to sell (thanks Di).  What do you think would be good in my mostly cream country kitchen?

I have to wait for 12 weeks for it to arrive from the UK and there may be a little joinery required, probably more than I'd hoped, and I may get yelled at, but he'll love it in the end.  Can't wait to chuck out the microwave, toaster and slow cooker and learn how to cook with this remarkable stove. 


  1. I used to love warming myself in front of my mother-in-law's Aga in her country kitchen. And I love that the Aga kettle is always hot when left on the hob and only moments away from providing a lovely cup of tea. Lucky you - having an Aga on the way.

  2. Oh, and I love the colour you have chosen. That would be my first choice too.

  3. Black or pewter would be perfect.............!! Just whack another cake in the AGA if squire starts to yell that should keep him quiet!!

  4. Jen, I just came across your delightful blog. I'm liking the look of your recipes already, just in time for the Aussie winter. I'm originally from Cornwall in the UK. Your blog is very appealing as it feels a bit English country but with a strong Aussie flavour. I've always found it hard to adjust to the difference in seasons, produce available and cooking, as my cooking/produce compass still seems set in the Northern Hemisphere. As for the AGA, I can only say how jealous I am. I grew up with one and pine for my mums blue oil fired Aga that she still cooks on. In fact she cant cook on anything else. When I used to bring home uneaten marmite sandwiches in my lunch box theyd get put in the toaster that goes under the hob to make them more palatable! There was always laundry on the aga...home washed laundry had a special formula.."washed in Persil, dried on the line, warmed on the aga"...your little jack russels will love snuggling up to it. Oh and a farming friend of ours used to put orphaned lambs in the slow oven with the door open to warm them up when they'd been found abandoned in the snow...anyway, re Agas I could go on for lucky thing!