Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Little Princess was introduced recently to the musical South Pacific by her grandmother.

She has been floating around the house singing There is Nothing Like a Dame, Bloody Mary and I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair.  Good housework music, and so so catching.  Can't get that song right out of my head.  I remember listening to Mum's copy of the vinyl record when I was about her age.  (Showing my age now...).  I think she would love My Fair Lady too, with Wouldn't it be Loverly, The Rain in Spain and the Ascot Gavotte and "in Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire hurricanes hardly happen."  

Annette, who helps me in the garden, gave me these lovely nugget pumpkins.  I hollowed one out and put in some butter, a little olive oil, garlic, sage, pine nuts and salt and pepper, put the lid back on and cooked it in the oven for about an hour.  Delicious.

Cooking continues apace for the holidays and Easter.  Inspired by Zachary Pelaccio who I saw at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, I boned out a leg of lamb and put it in a flavoured brine for dinner on Tuesday night for some friends.   

That's what it looked like after being in the brine for 24 hours.  I put it on the barbeque as normal and it was great, just giving the lamb a different edge.  Sorry no pic (camera broken, phone in car when carving).  More on Easter to follow.

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