Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday entertainments and cooking

While the weather was good last week we planted some fruit trees in the new veggie garden.  Two plums, a cherry, an apricot, a nectarine and two heritage apples that had been grafted by our local primary school.

The  weather has fallen in a bit of a heap this week.  Howling winds and a lot of rain. We have been busy collecting kindling.  I find the best kindling is collected from underneath all the English trees in the garden, not the natives.
We had a weekend at the beach with some friends, the sun came out briefly..
And we managed some wine tasting..
I have been cooking lots of lamb, here are some chops I brushed with honey, grainy mustard and a little olive oil before grilling in the oven.  
It is just too cold to be outside with the barbeque at the moment
Sometimes in the winter I crave lighter food.  Fennel is beautiful at the moment and I am loving shaved fennel and orange in a salad, with some rocket and greens from the garden.  All it needs is a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice or verjuice, plus lots of salt and pepper.  It's even better after it has sat for a while.  
Sang choy bow has made an appearance too.  

If anyone is interested in purchasing some heritage apples trees, please contact Anton Boyd at Woolsthorpe Primary School:  03 5569 2241 (when school goes back).  He has hundreds of varieties available and it is a great fundraiser for our school.  

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