Friday, June 1, 2012


Hi ho, some good news...this is a full rain gauge:
Yes, we have now had a couple of inches of rain, so things are looking up in this neck of the woods.  And we are having some glorious sunny days so the grass is growing.
I picked a lovely haul of veggies from the garden the other day...
The coloured silverbeet (or rainbow chard) was beautiful, just pan fried in a little oil until it's soft and wilted.  Peppers that won't ripen.  Really, what do you do with them?  I roasted and peeled them, but they need something else, not quite sure what.  That white thing that looks like a turnip is actually a beetroot, I planted lots of different colours and they are amazing when roasted.  The rhubarb is flourishing there seems to be a steady supply all year..
Ages ago I saw a recipe somewhere for Rhubarb Jam made with Earl Grey tea.  A fossick in my tea cupboard uncovered lots of varieties of tea, but no Earl Grey.  So I decided to use a rose tisane I got from T2.

EASY RHUBARB JAM - with rose tisane

4 tblsp rose tea leaves
2 cups boiling water
750g rhubarb, or thereabouts
600g sugar (I don't like it too sweet, normally you would put in equal measures of fruit and sugar)
Juice of one lemon

Pour boiling water over tea leaves and leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes.
Chop rhubarb.
Strain the tea into a saucepan and bring to the boil.  Add rhubarb and lemon juice and simmer until the rhubarb is soft (about 5 minutes)
Add sugar and stir until dissolved.  Boil until setting point is reached.

To check the setting point of jam, put a saucer in the freezer when you start to boil it.  After about 15 minutes put a spoonful of jam onto the saucer and return it to the freezer for a couple of minutes.  Take it out and run your finger through it, if it wrinkles the jam is ready.

Remove from the heat and cool slightly before putting in sterilised jars.  Apply liberally to toast, scones or pikelets.  

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