Sunday, July 23, 2017

Latest addiction

Glorious Wintersweet
How is your winter going?   Cold, wet, miserable?  Well I have something that may help you endure those long winter nights. I have recently emerged from a dangerous Netflix rabbit hole.  After rocketing through the second series of Outlander (sigh) I was looking for another diversion and something to load onto the ipad for a trip overseas and came across Gran Hotel.  To say I became hopelessly addicted is an understatement.
Set in a luxurious hotel in Spain in the early1900s, in Spanish and subtitiled (don't let that put you off) it is three seasons of implausible plots with ill-conceived execution, the logic of which vanishes into the ether but it all sort of comes together at the end.  There's a serial killer, murders, rapes, a lot of face slapping, cavorting between up and down stairs, swapping of babies, deceptive maids, cruel villains with unscrupulous morals and high drama that sometimes verges on farce.  There is some great acting and some awful overacting.  And yet.  I couldn't put it down.

In the end it's a love story with a very satisfying dose of URST, which there is just not enough of these days.  An impossibly handsome hero whose perfect torso is regularly displayed and a beautiful heroine with very pretty dresses who is in an unresolvable situation.....have I got you in yet??

You have to understand that I don't commit to these things flippantly, but a cross between Downton Abbey without the boring, self-righteous characters (except for Granny) and Pride and Prejudice with way more passion was a guilty pleasure that was too irresistible.

It became a bit of a joke with my family.  "What's Mum doing?".   Rolled eyes and "Spanish hotel drama..."
All I can say is sorry and don't say I didn't warn you.

And a couple of interesting podcasts:
S town - from the makers of Serial, another fascinating American story
Trace - I've only just started this but apparently it's great....the true story of an unsolved crime set in Melbourne

Winter sky at Robe

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