Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A big weekend

The June long weekend is always a big one.  We had two families to stay with all their kids:  a Masterchef judge in one family and a professional landscape designer in the other.  No pressure then...

I did spend last week frantically cooking and tidying up the garden, doing flowers and stocking the fridge.  Our weekend visitors are always very generous with the goodies that they bring and by the time they had unloaded their bounty the fridge was bulging.

Here are some of the things I made last week: chicken for Friday night's dinner,

chicken liver pate,

sausage rolls,

leek and bacon quiche,

pumpkin soup,

pork rillettes,

chocolate ice cream,

and honeycomb crunch ice cream.

There were long walks with lots of children and dogs,

to make room for more food:

All relaxed and fun.  Every child got soaked at least once by sloshing through the creek or lake and they all went into a muddy (nearly empty) dam and came out caked in thick brown sludge, one even got both of his gumboots stuck, and there on the bottom of the dam, they will remain.

Now I need to address the ironing pile and remake all those beds.......


  1. Wow, you did well making all that food. I think you need to open your doors to paying guests :)

  2. Jen - you certainly excelled with all your cooking! That 'spread' looks yummy! You deserve an immunity pin for all that effort! KG xx