Monday, June 20, 2011

Farm time

Early morning

In the last week or so the late afternoons have been beautiful.  The sun comes out and the wind drops and it is the best time to take the dogs for a huge walk.

We had a lovely weekend.  The Little Princess had an overnight birthday party on Friday night so on Saturday morning we set out on a farm tour/pasture inspection in the rhino.
It was freezing so we were very well rugged up...look how wet it is
I did the gates (as usual).
Love the beanie

Those tiny specs are some brolgas we came across....they then flew away..
The bird life this year has been phenomenal.  There are millions of ducks everywhere.
A few ewes have started to lamb:
The rest will start in late July.  And if you think it is an act of cruelty to have lambs being born in the middle of winter just remember THEY WEAR WOOL.  Embrace it people, it is the only fibre for warmth in winter.

I have done my medlars and here they are in the jar:

After putting the medlars (about 500g) in the jar I warmed 375g of sugar in a saucepan with 2 cups of vodka and stirred to dissolve the sugar.  I poured this over the medlars, sealed the jar and gave it a good shake every day for a week.  I now have to wait six months for it to be ready.  This is Sally Wise's recipe from A Year in a Bottle.

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