Monday, March 19, 2012


Sorry that I haven't been giving you my undivided attention lately.  There's been a bit on.  I've been flipping pancakes at the Port Fairy Folk Festival for the school.  Here's our little tent.
The pancakes are famous.  There are people who seek us out year after year at the Folkie.  And why wouldn't they?
It wasn't really a tough gig, here was the view from our to cook to.
I've been at the school helping with the Kitchen Garden program, which I thoroughly enjoy.

One of the heritage apple varieties in the school garden
Last weekend I helped a friend at her open garden and fundraising event which was very busy but we raised lots of money for Care Australia.  Next weekend I have a group coming to look at my garden, a terrifying prospect as we have a bit to do to get it into shape. What it does mean is that I get a bit of assistance from the husband (a man, a chainsaw, tools: is it worrying that this is what I wish for most??!).

It has been desperately dry so it has been hard to keep the water up to the garden.   There aren't many flowers so I'm crossing my fingers that the roses will come out and we'll have some autumn foliage.   I do find that mulch hides a multitude of untended weeds.
 So there is much to do this week and you probably won't hear from me.  
But my halo, as one friend observed, is positively sparkling

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